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Customer questions regarding Boutique Wedding Films and our answers. Should you have more questions, please feel free to write us.

Where do you operate?
We operate across Europe. Our experienced videographers have taken their talents with them as far as the French Atlantic coast, the cozy alleys of Vienna, the German island of Sylt in the North Sea, and of course across England. If your wedding event takes you further than that, give us a call to learn how your own private video crew will accompany you!

Do you also do photographs?
Yes. Although we principally produce Wedding Films, our packages include digital photos from film 'stills' that we deliver on CD.

Can we also get raw material of our event?
Yes, raw material is available at an additional charge. For a one day event, we typically record between 5 and 8 hours of raw footage- that's a lot of material to transfer to DVD. Raw material is seldom requested however, since our experienced editors include all of the important and interesting aspects of your day, compiled in a professional and entertaining way- so you won't miss a thing!

We've seen samples of Wedding videos; what distinguishes your from the other service providers?
A wedding film can be produced in variety of ways. We focus a lot of attention on the capture of emotion. Therefore, we don't employ cheesy video effects and unneeded text in our videos. Our films are broadcast quality productions that include dissolving, black & white, and / or freeze-frame transissions at the right moments. Our videography is cinematic in that we don't stand around and exclusively record from a shoulder-mounted camera perspective, but through creative experience focus on the smaller details and combine this elegantly with the larger picture. The result: a cinematic broadcast quality documentary, with a variety of tempo that entertain as well as bring back memories.

We're still split on whether we want a wedding video. What's your advice?
Once you've viewed samples of our work, it should make it easier to recognize the increasing level of enjoyment your professionally produced wedding film will provide. Read through our tips again on why we feel a wedding video is important. Our experience suggests, that after your wedding event, a wedding documentary will be the most important piece of memory you'll possess to help commemorate the event.

Our wedding date is quite soon. Can wedding filming be booked with you at short notice?
You can contact us at anytime and inquire about our schedule. We have often filmed wedding events at short notice. Feel free to contact us by email or telephone.

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