About Us

bou ti que | [bu:'ti:k ] n Boutique (f) a small, exclusive business offering a special, customized service.

Boutique Wedding Films is a part of Green Pictures, a 'boutique' film production company developing award-winning features and institutional and private documentary films. We recognise that groups as well as individuals increasingly understand the value in documenting the big events in their personal and professional lives.

It all began in the heart of Germany in the city of Koblenz on the Rhine river in 2007, digitally recording and editing private event documentaries in England and Germany under the direction of Jeffery Berlin Green. Since then our team of 'Boutique' editors and videographers has grown, consistently pleasing clients in cities across Holland, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and The UK. It's all owed to our unique and creative style of documenting live events.

For the memories...
Boutique Wedding Films